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Here, you can explore the impactful stories and media highlights featuring Dr. Jennie Ding and our groundbreaking diabetes reversal program. These pieces showcase the remarkable strides we are making in blood sugar control and personal health insights from Dr. Ding.


Practical tips on blood sugar

Listen to Dr. Jennie Ding's guest appearance on Chestermere Anchor’s "55+ Shades of Grey" Radio Show as she delves into effective strategies for diabetes management and blood sugar control.

Learn about Dr. Ding's personalized approach to health coaching and how her childhood experiences led to the work she's doing today as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician.

WeMaple video show podcast episode featuring Dr. Jennie Ding
Mashup Labs featuring Dr. Jennie Ding.webp

Check out Dr. Jennie Ding's inspiring personal health journey that led her to creating Kale Health Canada so that she can help others who are facing similar health challenges.

Patient-centered care

Dr. Jennie Ding was interviewed about her experience working with culturally diverse patient populations and what she does to help patients feel more comfortable and understood.

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