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Ultimate care with all Advanced Tier benefits, plus gut health testing, mental health counseling, and more

$1300 every 4 weeks

Experience the pinnacle of personalized health with our Premium Tier


This comprehensive package offers the ultimate support system for managing your blood sugar and overall health.

In addition to all the benefits of the Advanced Tier, you gain exclusive access to advanced tools like the gut health testing kit available every 12 weeks. Understanding your gut health is crucial as it plays a significant role in blood sugar control and overall wellness. These regular tests offer insights into your gut microbiome, helping Dr. Ding to tailor your nutrition and lifestyle plan more precisely. By aligning your diet with your gut health, you can make more impactful strides towards optimal blood sugar levels and general health.

You will receive daily personalized exercise program based on your latest biometrics, ensuring your fitness routine evolves with your health journey.

You can also book monthly Exercise Physiologist sessions either in-person if you're in Calgary, or virtually in other parts of Canada, so you can benefit from expert guidance in your fitness regimen.

You will also receive unparalleled flexibility in scheduling your follow-up visits with Dr. Jennie Ding. Recognizing that everyone's journey to better health is unique, we provide the option to schedule up to four follow-up visits each month, tailored to your personal needs and preferences. This means you have the freedom to arrange these sessions at intervals that best suit your schedule and progress - whether that's weekly, bi-weekly, or even multiple sessions in the same week.

Moreover, we recognize the vital role of mental health in managing eating habits and lifestyle choices. Stress, anxiety, and mood can significantly influence dietary decisions, often leading to reliance on comfort foods that may not align with your health goals. To address this, our Premium Tier includes monthly virtual counseling sessions with Canadian Certified Registered Counselors. These sessions are designed to support your mental well-being, providing you with strategies to navigate life's stressors more effectively. Improving your mental health can empower you to implement and maintain the lifestyle behaviors essential for enhancing your physical health.

Plus, look forward to receiving additional education tools and materials as they are released and tailored exercise programming to help you feel your best.

The Premium Wellness Tier is your all-inclusive solution for a transformative health experience, designed for those who seek the very best in personalized care and wellness innovation.


Premium Tier Benefits:

  • 60-minute initial consultation with Dr. Jennie Ding.

  • Flexible Follow-up Visit Scheduling: Schedule up to four flexible follow-up visits per month with Dr. Jennie Ding, at any time that suits you, even multiple times in the same week for tailored support.

  • Exclusive Access to Your Client Portal: A secure online space where you can track your health data and find helpful resources.

  • Blood Glucose Nutrition Guide: A comprehensive guide of over 50 pages of scientifically-backed information on the best diet for blood glucose control, nutrient-rich foods that support blood sugar balance, practical tips on portion control, time-saving strategies for meal prep, and delicious, easy recipes to keep you blood glucose in check.

  • Blood Glucose Lifestyle Guide: Over 70 pages of actionable advice based on the latest research on physical activity, exercise, stress management, sleep, and more – all key components in managing your blood sugar levels in daily life.

  • Freestyle Libre 2 Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) delivered to your door to track your blood sugar easily in real-time.

  • Gut health testing every 12 weeks to understand and rehab your digestive health which is crucial for blood sugar control and overall health.

  • Personalized daily exercise program: Enjoy new daily exercises tailored to your most recent health biometrics, ensuring your fitness routine evolves with your health journey.

  • Exercise physiologist sessions every 4 weeks: Benefit from expert guidance with in-person sessions if you're in Calgary, or virtual sessions available across Canada, integrating professional insights into your fitness regimen.

  • Virtual counseling session: Engage in one-on-one counseling sessions with Registered Clinical Counsellors every 4 weeks, supporting your mental health as an integral component of your overall wellness strategy.

  • Tools and education around nutrition, fasting, sleep, stress management, emotional awareness, resiliency, and more.

The Premium Tier is not just a program but a transformative journey, blending advanced medical insights with holistic care to guide you towards your optimal health.

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