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Start your health journey with a 60-min consult, regular check-ins, and a comprehensive Nutrition Guide

$280 every 4 weeks

Embark on your journey to better blood sugar management


This foundational program offers a robust start for those seeking to understand and improve their blood sugar levels.

You'll receive a comprehensive initial consultation with Dr. Jennie Ding, regular follow-ups for personalized guidance, and exclusive access to our comprehensive Blood Glucose Nutrition Guide that reviews the best diet for blood glucose control, nutrient-rich foods that support blood sugar balance, practical tips on portion control, time-saving strategies for meal prep, and 15 delicious, easy recipes to keep your blood glucose in check.

This tier is perfect for those ready to take the first crucial steps toward a healthier lifestyle with essential tools and support.


Basic Tier Benefits:

  • 60-minute one-on-one initial consultation with Dr. Jennie Ding.

  • Regular follow-up visits every 4 weeks to support your progress: 30-minutes/visit

  • Exclusive Access to Your Client Portal: A secure online space where you can track your health data and find helpful resources.

  • Blood Glucose Nutrition Guide: This guide is packed with over 50 pages of scientifically-backed information. You'll find nutrition tips, easy meal prep ideas, and tasty recipes designed to help control your blood sugar.

  • Free exercise physiologist consult

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