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Diabetes Reversal 
for a Vibrant Life!

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Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Health?

Exhausted from battling persistent health issues and feeling like you're alone in your struggle with diabetes and blood sugar problems?

Tired of treating one symptom only for another to emerge, as if playing a never-ending game of symptom whack-a-mole?

Have you been through countless tests only to hear that "everything looks normal," or have been endlessly shuffled from one specialist to another without any real guidance?

If you're struggling without a clear treatment plan, you might feel like you're without hope, spending countless hours researching without finding relief.

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Do you suffer from symptoms of poorly controlled blood sugar, like cravings, endless hunger, fatigue, hormone imbalance, poor sleep, or unexpected weight gain? Whether you're young or old, regardless of gender, you feel like these symptoms are taking over your life — but it feels like no one is taking you seriously.

You want some actual solutions, yet every doctor's visit ends with the same prescription, procedure, or referral, never addressing the root cause of your health issues.

You are not alone. Dr. Jennie Ding was once in your shoes.

Leveraging her extensive medical background and advanced training in holistic health practices, Dr. Ding pioneered a revolutionary approach to reverse her own pre-diabetes in under 30 days!


At Kale Health Canada, we don’t just treat symptoms—we empower you to take control of your health, offering personalized programs that have already transformed many lives.

Grab your list of
Top 10 Foods for Blood Sugar Control + Free Eating Plan 
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Learn about the top foods for blood sugar control and receive a BONUS printable eating plan, expertly crafted by Dr. Jennie Ding

Expect Results

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Average HbA1c drop over 3 months


Decrease in fasting blood glucose levels


Have decreased or eliminated their medications

~20 lbs

Average weight loss over 3 months


Improvements in mood, sleep, energy, overall wellbeing

Our Founder's Story

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Dr. Jennie Ding

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

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While working as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician and living what I thought was a healthy lifestyle—regular exercise and a whole food, plant-based diet—I was surprised to discover I was pre-diabetic. This unexpected news shook me; no one else in my family had diabetes, and yet here I was, feeling constantly tired, battling mood swings, and succumbing to intense food cravings.

Determined to understand what was happening to my body, I delved into the complexities of blood sugar control and created a lifestyle program that not only stabilized my blood sugar but also dramatically improved my quality of life.

The success of this program was transformative, not only for me but also for the many clients I've since guided to achieve their health goals. They've experienced enhanced energy, reduced cravings, improved sleep, sharper mental clarity, and remarkable lab results. These successes are what fuel my passion.

I'm Dr. Jennie Ding, and I'm here to guide you on this transformative journey towards better health. Trained at Harvard Medical School in lifestyle and culinary medicine, I specialize in turning lives around through lifestyle medicine and health coaching. Here at Kale Health Canada, our mission is clear: controlling blood sugar and reversing diabetes through personalized, evidence-based nutrition coaching. Whether you're looking to quickly lower your blood sugar or achieve long-term health goals, our Blood Sugar Defense Program offers personalized strategies tailored to your needs.

Join me in learning how to naturally and sustainably master your blood sugar, and reclaim your health freedom.

Welcome to our tribe.


Happy Friends

"Off Metformin! My A1C is down from 8.8 to 5.6!

I have less stress and more time for me and my family. I'm exercising more and loving life. I am down 55 lbs and my lifestyle changes have been so rewarding and have brought me so much happiness."

Roberta, 48, Marketing Executive

Why Choose Us?

We are a dedicated physician-led team that helps those with blood sugar issues to achieve health freedom

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Physician-Led Coaching

Receive a personalized health plan and

1-on-1 support from Dr. Jennie Ding, a physician trained in blood sugar control

100% Virtual

Accessible from anywhere, our program offers flexibility & convenience for busy lifestyles.


Utilizing Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) and microbiome gut health tests for personalized & accurate health insights.

Evidence-Based Strategies

Our strategies are grounded in scientific research, ensuring reliable and effective results.

Holistic Approach

Comprehensive care that addresses nutrition, lifestyle, and mental well-being for overall health.

Why Blood Sugar?

Blood sugar spikes affect your energy, focus, weight, hormones, mental health, and risk of chronic disease

  • Repeated blood sugar spikes can cause insulin resistance, which leads to weight gain, hormonal issues, and higher risks of Alzheimer's and heart disease.

  • You can control your blood sugar through simple things like eating the right foods at the right time, exercise, sleep, and lowering stress

  • The best way to know how your choices are affecting your blood sugar in real-time is to use a continuous blood sugar monitor

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*Implementing a physician-led lifestyle medicine program focusing on a strict whole food plant-based diet, optimized exercise, sleep, and stress reduction can have significant impacts on individuals with type 2 diabetes over a period of three months. The exact outcomes can vary based on individual adherence to the program, their initial health status, and other factors. These statistics are based on existing studies and clinical evidence such as the following: 1) The Effect of a Lifestyle Intervention on Type 2 Diabetes Pathophysiology and Remission; 2) Primary care-led weight management for remission of type 2 diabetes (DiRECT); 3) Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: The Time for Lifestyle Medicine Has Come!; 4) A Plant-Based Diet for the Prevention and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

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