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Master Sugar
Master Life

Physician-led blood sugar control

for a vibrant life

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Dr. Jennie Ding is a lifestyle medicine physician on a mission to help those struggling with their blood sugar achieve health freedom

Dr. Jennie Ding's Blood Sugar Defense Program is a revolutionary solution for diabetes reversal and more.

The program offers evidence-based, holistic solutions with the use of continuous glucose monitors, personalized exercise programs, and more to help you regain control of your health, once and for all.

Dr. Jennie Ding's

Blood Sugar Defense Program

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Strategies are grounded in scientific research, ensuring reliable and effective results


Get a personalized health plan and 1:1 support from Dr. Jennie Ding, trained in blood sugar control

Holistic Care

Comprehensive care that addresses nutrition, lifestyle, and mental well-being for overall health

100% Virtual

Accessible from anywhere, our program offers flexibility and convenience for every lifestyle


Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) and microbiome gut health tests for health insights

Where data meets wellness

Learn how to naturally and sustainably master your blood sugar and reclaim your health freedom with the Blood Sugar Defense Program

Go from struggling...


Chronic fatigue


Trouble losing weight


Digestive issues


Menopause symptoms




Unable to achieve your fitness goals thriving...


Feel more energized


Sleep better


No more cravings


Less anxiety


More happiness


Lose weight naturally

...with results you can count on.


Average HbA1c improvement in three months


Decrease in fasting blood glucose levels


Decreased or eliminated all medications


Average weight loss over three months


Improvement in mood, energy, and sleep

Meet the founder

Dr. Jennie Ding


Trained at Harvard Medical School in lifestyle and culinary medicine, Dr. Jennie Ding specialize in transforming lives through lifestyle medicine and health coaching.

With a compassionate, personalized, and evidence-based approach to nutrition coaching, Dr. Jennie Ding is passionate about helping people reverse their diabetes and reclaim control over their health.

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"Off Metformin!"
"Off Metformin! My A1C is down from 8.8 to 5.6! I have less stress and more time for me and my family. I'm exercising more and loving life. I am down 55 lbs and my lifestyle changes have been so rewarding and have brought me so much happiness."

Roberta, 48, Marketing Executive

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Top 10 Foods for Blood Sugar Control
+ Free Meal Plan

Discover the top ten foods for blood sugar control and get a BONUS printable meal plan, expertly curated by Dr. Jennie Ding.

Free Meal Plan

Take charge of your health

Learn how to naturally and sustainably master your blood sugar and reclaim your health freedom.

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