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Fat, carbs, protein - what to eat first?

Eating foods in a certain order can help your body handle blood sugar better.

If you have protein or fat before carbs, it makes your stomach release a helpful substance called GLP-1, which controls insulin and slows down how fast your stomach empties. This is good for keeping your blood sugar from spiking after a meal.

If you have fiber before carbs, it can lower the spike in your blood sugar after eating and might help with weight loss. But it doesn't increase the release of GLP-1.

But if you eat a lot of saturated fat (i.e. meat dishes) before carbs, it not only releases GLP-1 but also another substance called GIP, which makes your body store more energy in fat and might cause you to gain weight over time.

So, it's a good idea to combine these strategies. Having fiber with the right meal order (protein or fat before carbs) can work together to help control your blood sugar and manage your weight. Some studies suggest that this combination can be especially helpful for people with diabetes and obesity.




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